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Renoir is a market defining brand with a strong trend of Global growth.


Renoir innovates, every process from R&D through to the final delivery.  This innovative spirit is contagious; enabling new ideas to continually evolve.  Renoir is a leader:  strong, competitive, and focused on internal and external growth.


These Renoir strengths drive our core values:


1.Exceptional Quality


2.Extraordinary Value


3.Focused Customer Service


    These values are integral to the Renoir approach to business. 


    Sustainability is a company focus.  Renoir only works with suppliers that meet the recognised standards of the International Labour Organization.  This includes our own manufacturing operation.  Transparency is expected and delivered!


    Renoir is committed to environmental protection and social responsibility.  The company has met or exceeded global requirements for the international standard on quality, environmental protection and social responsibility. 


    At Renoir evolving is the only constant.  Researching, Developing and Refining : Creating, Delivering and Succeeding.